This orphanage is a home to about 25 kids ranging from 1 to 25 years of age. It is also home to some elderly women and other occasional visitors. The doors of this orphanage are always open to those who are willing to pay them a visit.

The IHO has as one of its objectives to pay charitable visits to the less privileged as well as physically challenged persons and groups in her immediate community (Buea). This objective is in line with the second and third Sustainable development Goals (zero hunger, good health and wellbeing respectively). In line with her objectives, this orphanage was selected on this very auspicious and well celebrated day to share not just material commodities but also share love with the inhabitants of this home.

This charitable visit was paid by two of IHO’s co-founders who were happily received upon arrival at 11.00am. We kick-started the day with a word of prayer following by choruses from the children in commemoration of the day. We then presented the gifts we brought which was greatly appreciated by the children. This was closely followed by a fellowship meal and the rest of the day was filled with discussions with both the children and the host. The rest of the day was spent in merry making. The visit ended at 5:30 pm.

The only limitation we experienced was the lack of sufficient resources. We could actually have afforded more things for the home but due to lack of resources we bought just their basic needs.

Our sincere recommendation is that if such under-privileged children could be paid more visits and given more aid especially in their academics, then it will go a long way to eradicate poverty in our societies. This will be useful in achieving the fourth goal of the third Sustainable development Goals (which is quality education).

The IHO intends to open a funding scheme for the best student of that home in a bit to motivate and encourage the children to further their education. Also we intend to pay regular visits to the home and provide some of their basic needs like food and other sanitary provisions.

The IHO will continue to carry out such charitable visits not just at this orphanage but to other environments such as the prisons, centre for the blind, deaf, dumb and other physically challenged persons.

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