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Antibiotics are drugs used in the treatment of bacterial infections. Reports have shown that due to the mismanagement and indiscriminate use of these antibiotics, bacteria are becoming resistant to them. The thought of this generation experiencing what the people in the pre-antibiotic era is alarming. Because something as simple as a paper cut can land humans in the morgue. The world health organization knowing how this will affect the population in a long run decided to put aside a week dedicated in creating awareness of the use of antibiotics and encourage people to take antibiotics only when prescribed by a certified medical practitioner.

Increase awareness of global antibiotic resistance and to encourage best practices among the general public, health workers and policy makers to avoid the further emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance.

The Integrated Health Organization categorical joined the WHO in the fight against antibiotic resistance under the theme: “Antibiotics: Handle with Care” by creating awareness and encouraging people to stop the indiscriminate use of antibiotics. Our activities ran for an entire week (13-19th November, 2017) which comprised of putting out educative bulletins, videos and posters on our social media platforms. IHO went further to collaborate with several pharmacies in the Buea (Enamen pharmacy, Amazing pharmacy, Mount Zion pharmacy and Compassionate Pharmacy) and clinics (Solidarity clinic, Health promotion for all foundation clinic, International community healthcare complex) to put up posters with the inscription “No prescription, No antibiotics” to promote the correct use of antibiotics.

IHO members gathered at Sossoliso at 9:00am and moved to put up the posters starting with Enamen Pharmacy, Solidarity Clinic, Amazing Pharmacy, Health For All Foundation clinic, Mount Zion Pharmacy, Compassionate Pharmacy and International Community Reference Health Care Complex.

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Fig 1: Amazing Pharmacy Joins IHO in creating antibiotic awareness

Fig 2: Compassionate Pharmacy Joins IHO in creating antibiotic awareness

Fig 3: Enamen Pharmacy Joins IHO in creating antibiotic awareness

Fig 4: Health For All Foundation Joins IHO in creating antibiotic awareness


  1. Inadequate funds to print flyers to post in all pharmacies and hospitals in Buea.
  2. Some pharmacies were not willing to cooperate/ support our cause.

The government and ministry of Public health should improve awareness and understanding of antimicrobial resistance through effective communication, education and training in communities. By either passing our orders restricting health facilities from selling drugs without appropriate prescription from certified medical practitioners, and incorporating health talks about antibiotics and its misuse in our educational systems.

IHO will continue to raise awareness against antibiotic resistance by educating the population on how important it is to use antibiotics properly and to discourage pharmacists from selling drugs to people without due prescription from a medical doctor, so that together the indiscriminate use of antibiotics will come to an end.

IHO encourages all towns, health partners, students, and the public to join this campaign and help raise awareness of antibiotic resistance not just on this single day but make it a lifestyle.


Solidarity Clinic, Enamen Pharmacy, Amazing Pharmacy, Compassionate Pharmacy, International Community Reference Healthcare Complex.